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We are pleased to be able to offer our clients a number of assessment instruments specifically designed to help individuals and teams obtain critical feedback, measure knowledge or strengths, identify preferred behavioral or communication styles, and instruments that compliment your behavioral interviewing process needs.

We are an authorized distributor and certified to use the following instruments: 

  • Booth’s Clark Wilson Task Cycle 360 for Leaders
  • Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire
  • Lominger Voices© 360
  • Target Training International’s:
    • DISC
    • Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values
    • TriMetrix
    • TriMetrix Benchmarking
    • Attribute Index
    • Multi-Respondent Job Insights
    • Career Planning Insights
    • Workplace Motivators
  • The Birkman Method
  • Winslow Behavior

Additionally, we have extensive experience using a variety of assessment instruments that we are not a specific distributor for and can source them for you through our professional alliances.

For more information on how these assessments might align with your objectives, please call 352-689-2591 or email us.

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