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You need a powerful and focused comprehensive career coaching package that will allow you to be as discrete, and as focused as you feel you need to be…and be able to move forward at the pace you want.

You’ll have a specific coach and a customized 1-on-1 approach. There are no group settings.

Our comprehensive career coaching program will create the RIGHT strategic game plan for you.

Having the right game plan in place quickly makes a huge difference. The tactics that we will help you with will allow you to move forward with the energy, confidence and the clarity that you need to be successful.

  • Learn how to best invest your time and what to avoid doing
  • Get grounded on which roles / environments are your best options
  • Learn how to reach the hidden job markets
  • Develop strategies for using electronic job boards
  • Build a powerful resume that will showcase your abilities and learn how to create effective cover letters.
  • Get the rust off of your interviewing skills / practice responding to stress questions through role playing
  • Learn how to leverage behavioral and communication styles
  • Have a strategy for negotiating and really know when to accept an offer
  • Learn how to and how not to use your network and references

Learn how to convey that among the final candidates you’re the one most likely to accomplish what they need most during the first 90 days and beyond.

Call us at 352-689-2591 or email us to discuss how the right game plan will allow you to enjoy the career that you really want sooner than later.