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  • Are you waiting for a promotion?
  • Are you frustrated with too many challenging priorities, and not enough time?
  • Do you need more constructive feedback or more powerful mentoring?
This program is designed for individuals already in the work place that seek a pragmatic unbiased mentor to help them accelerate performance and get noticed for their efforts.

This program will instantly increase your chance for further success by helping you develop the ability to maintain the right blend of ‘working in your career’ and ‘working on your career’.

We’ll help you shift a percentage of your focus toward reaching that higher career performance level.

Our Career Coaching Program will provide you with a no nonsense focus and the right momentum to absolutely allow you to immediately begin to move your career forward.

This program will help you identify exactly what strengths you should be investing in and which ones won’t give you the return on your investment that you need. We’ll create the structure that will enable you to act on what you need to start doing and what you need to stop doing. We’ll help you easily create the positive change in your performance that will give control of your career back to you.

Our program will provide you with that unbiased advisor to brainstorm with and watch for blindsides. That partnership of equals that will mentor you on skills and actions.

Most successful people that are fast tracking already have that critical unbiased personal mentor that they rely upon to coach them through the challenges of today and the strategic planning for tomorrow.

Check us out. We’re not everybody’s coach….we just partner with the serious players, the professionals that choose to play the game to win!

Call us at 352-689-2591 or email us for more information on how our Career Coaching program can be customized to your specific requirements and give you the return on investment that you want.