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Our Mid-Management program is available to both companies and individuals. The corporate program is designed to help organizations promote from within by developing existing talent in leadership roles that are tasked with implementing company strategies and the supporting pragmatic tactics. Our program allows organizations to prepare for and quickly act to fill sudden voids in their leadership structure with proven performers who have invested in their ability to lead others and have made it a priority to understand the company, the culture, procedures and objectives.

Potential top tier leaders need an ongoing strategic development plan that will help them reach their personal best.

The program may include gathering feedback, working with feedback that already exists, or identifying areas for specific development.

The role of mid-management is complex. Mid-manager efforts align directly with the company’s goals, the CEO’s vision and the company’s mission. Mid-managers already have the visibility to the key players and they need to maintain or increase their perceived level of credibility and their relationship capital within the organization to be effective.

Mid-managers - the more you bring to your company, the more control you’ll actually have over your own career.

This program will help you achieve a positive, measurable change in your behavior that will directly and positively impact those you lead. This program also provides you with that critical unbiased advisor that you need during periods of key decision making.

Our program will help you:

  • manage your time more effectively
  • strengthen your business communication skills
  • increase your ability to delegate with limited risk
  • create the followship and accountability with others that you need
  • develop a more collaborative style, and
  • focus more on your own true role

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