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Our New Leaders program is customized to your unique needs and requirements and the environment that you’re in. The focus is on creating a customized winning game plan for the individual new leader.

Whether you’re a new hire or that ‘superior performer’ that’s recently been asked to lead their former peers, the program focuses you on how to best assimilate into your new role by capitalizing on your strengths, adjusting for those skills you don’t have yet, establishing early wins, staying focused on your top job priorities, managing up, creating followship and understanding how to effectively work within the culture.

Often first time leaders have had little real leadership training or experience, your pride or ego may prevent you from really taking advantage of that "open door policy", or maybe it’s not “safe” to ask a lot of questions.

The emphasis is on helping you meet your going in the door
mandate or what’s commonly called the deliverables of the
first 90 days. This program will keep you moving at the right
pace, it will mentor you on those critical people issues while
you’re still in the process of developing your people management skills. We’ll help you address time management issues, learn how to create clear agreements, and create practical solutions for building the professional relationships and successful partnerships among your peers, with senior management and your direct reports so you can execute at or above expectations quickly and over the longer term.

Call us at 352-689-2591 or email us to discuss how
partnering your new leaders with this Game On program will complement your existing strategies to support New Leaders.