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With a 40% first year turnover rate for new leaders, doesn’t it makes sense that a bona fide on-boarding process be part of any new hire’s game plan?

You invest significant time and resources to attract and recruit new talent. Don’t be one of the companies that lack a true on-boarding orientation program, or if you have one, the follow-through that’s necessary is missing or inconsistent.

The stakes are obviously too high for either a company or a new hire to treat the on-boarding process with a cavalier approach. Everyone’s interest is served when new hires are on-boarded quickly and effectively.

Failure in a new assignment results in lost opportunity for the company and potentially spells the end of an otherwise promising career.

On-boarding support for the newly recruited, transferred or promoted leader will significantly reduce the high rate of new hire first year turnover, burnout and failed expectations. On-boarding support will create the added structure and focus as well as provide those ‘safe’ conversations that are so essential in every new beginning.

An on-boarding game plan complements your own initiatives and programs by providing added structure to ground and focus a new leader on the key objectives, make the time to begin to understand the new culture, begin to create relationships and focus on building trust and followship. When these elements are present new hires actually contribute faster, are viewed to be a good fit and ultimately bring more value to the company and themselves than if they were left to their own devices.

Superior performance in one role doesn’t always automatically transfer to the next role. Yet many new hire orientations consist of giving someone their marching orders, commenting that the door is always open, and then they’re pretty much left to succeed on their own devices because the hiring manager believed that they would hit the ground running, and they’re too busy to break someone in anyway.

New leaders can get derailed for a number of reasons and never realize their true potential, examples are:

  • When we allow them to run with unclear or outsized expectations
  • When we fail to stress the importance of partnerships with key stakeholders
  • When we don’t help them learn the company, industry or the job itself
  • When we don’t help them understand how to best gain commitments from the direct reports that they’ve just inherited
  • When we fail to help them recognize and manage the impact of change on the people in our company.
New Hires

It's also up to you to manage your early days, to determine how to best navigate a different business culture and win support for your game plan. For openers, you need to make sure you understand what kind of culture you joined. A troubled company is more likely to be open to radical change than a successful one.

You need a game plan that will allow you to champion the right amount of change and initiatives to reinforce that you were the right person for the job, without being seen as an outsider that’s shaking things up too much too soon.

Newly hired executives are increasingly using the services of an independent coach for on-boarding support. Private on-boarding services are totally confidential and affordable. A typical engagement is 60 to 90 days. You can contact us directly or choose one of the international firms and pay three or four times as much for the same program.

Call us at 352-689-2591 or email us to find out how Game On can structure a program to meet your needs.