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Our program is applicable for both companies seeking outplacement support for employees, as well as an individual in career transition. The program consists of 6 steps:

1. Defining the next career chapter
  • Defining personal needs, desires and professional objectives
  • Inventorying strengths and potential skills to develop
  • Defining and grounding options
  • Targeting realistic option(s) and goal setting
2. Using a strategic approach
  • Effective use of recruiters, headhunters, staffing firms
  • Effective use of job boards, websites and newspaper ads
  • Networking, job fairs, creating visibility
  • Approaches for strengthening or acquiring relevant skills
3. Creating structure
  • Identifying effective daily work habits
  • Setting step goals and techniques for staying focused
4. Leveraging and expanding your personal network
  • Do’s and don’ts of networking
  • Techniques for expanding or reactivating networks
  • How to create strong relationship capital
5. The basics
  • Creating a powerful resume and the role of the cover letter
  • Elevator speeches
  • Interview styles, stress questions and role playing
  • Presence and communication styles
  • Follow-up strategies and negotiating the deal
  • Using your references
6. 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Twelve hours of personal 1-on-1 career coaching over a 90 day period
  • Personal Interest, Attitudes & Value Assessment and debriefing
  • DISC Behavioral Style Assessment and debriefing
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