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When we started working together I was in an embarrassing ranking of #122 out of #132 vice presidents – the bottom 8%. The latest scorecard that came out ranked me #34 – the top 25% and based on the numbers this quarter, there is a very reasonable chance I am going to move up by at least 5 – 10 spots for the next quarterly scorecard. So I wanted to thank you for your contribution to the cause. I appreciate the work we do together, your leadership…and the best part is that there are concrete results to back it up.

Maria Dell’Ovo
Field Vice President
American Express Financial Advisors
Our Company has been using Game On for almost 2 years now and I have found that the skilled and engaging coaching helps me directly and positively manage my Company and my personal life. Game On has consistently provided me with the motivation and tools necessary for me to accomplish significant personal and professional growth.
Michael D. Casper
UltraSource, Inc.
Before I met Dave I wondered how much value added I would receive from having a personal coach. During our initial meeting, Dave asked me several penetrating questions and I immediately realized that he was very experienced and insightful. Each time I presented Dave with a new issue that I had been struggling with, he quickly identified the heart of the matter, helping me to view the circumstances from all angles and guiding me to an optimal solution. I never imagined how much I would value Dave’s advice, yet when I look back on the past two years I realize that I have conferred with him on each of my toughest challenges. I appreciate his responsiveness and genuine concern for my personal growth. I know that when my next tough challenge arises, Dave will be the first person whom I will want to consult.
Thomas M. Crea, Lt Col (RET)
ACTD Transition Manager
It is refreshing to be coached by experienced & seasoned people like Dave & John.
Dave Wingfield
Hudson Valley Boundaries
I want to thank you for your dedication and your professionalism during our coaching sessions. I know that without your counseling I never would have been so bold as to ask for this promotion—or if I had it would have seemed like an ultimatum rather than a request from an excited employee. The knowledge and support you have given me have led to many great accomplishments in my life and I believe that I have truly become my own boss. Thank you again for your dedication and support.
Chris Favreau
Product Development Director
Quabaug Corporation
In 2004 I made a major career change, from working in an academic medical center to becoming an executive in a publicly traded corporation. I knew the transition would be challenging, so I reached out for help. I partnered with Dave McKeon for coaching.

Dave is a keen listener and has excellent insight into business organizations, interpersonal relations, and the fine art of management. His probing questions and wise words of advice helped me adapt much more smoothly than I had predicted. I highly recommend Dave for executive coaching services.
Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer and VP Clinical Strategies,
Zix Corporation, Dallas, TX
Dave, I wanted to remind you that I have achieved my first anniversary with the new company that I consulted with in their pre-IPO stage. It is through your help and my determination that I am succeeding as a member of this new management team. The work that we have done together over the past few years has given me the insight and tools to transition from management level employee through my own consulting practice and on to greater success with my present employer. I believe that your background and skills uniquely qualify you to be a successful business coach. Thank you for helping me to succeed in playing the game of business at this level!
Bill Gartner
VP Director of East Coast Operations
BioMed Realty Trust, Inc.
I hadn’t conducted any type of a job search for over 25 years. When my company decided to move to California I elected to not relocate. I knew I needed to find a professional to help me assess where I was in my career and what I wanted to do next. Dave and I had worked together in the past and I asked him for his help. From the initial assessment through many coaching sessions Dave was exactly what I needed. His thoughtful and professional approach allowed me to develop a structured plan and put me in control of my own destiny. He really helped me connect the dots.
Phil Dube
Portsmouth, NH